Explorers, business people, inventors and artists. Humans are the jacks of all trades, masters of none. They receive no bonus to their stats, but no penalties either.

‌Their most notable recent events have been undoubtedly their work with the Lurniage to aid them in gaining independence from the Henagon. A fact which the Henagon have not forgotten.

978 years ago, a coalition of Human, Dadamard and Marati explorers ventured on an expedition east of the known lands, which discovered the Henagon and established diplomatic relations with them.

They are one of the three founding peoples of the Morund Collective.

Whilst less impressive, it's possibly worthy of noting that it is they, and not the Taurac or Dadamard who one might expect, who founded Catsborough University. Learned readers will of course know that Catsborough is the leading place of learning globally, having been founded some 808 years ago. In addition to its scholastic output, it houses a collection of rare artefacts, including the ancient war axe Gavelloran, rumoured to be connected to the legendary Ghost stones.


Humanity is governed and ruled through representative democracy. Their major nation, Matteland, is divided into 631 distinct areas, each of which votes for a Member of Parliament every four years. Those MPs then gather in the Parliamentary House to govern the people, with a check provided to their power by the Lords of Law. This second group are trained from a young age in ethics, moral philosophy and law, and collectively act to ensure what is dictated by the MPs is legal, correct and sensible.

In this manner, it is seen that the people are able to express their will as to how the nation should be governed, through representative elections, whilst there's a system of checks and balances against impulsive or poor decisions which might be desired by a minority (or even a majority). Whilst this results in a system where occasionally the will of the people is denied, it should be noted that it's also created the most successful, peaceful time in history.

Diplomatic Status

  • Henagon: Neutral
  • Marati: Good
  • Taurac: Good
  • Nardlor: Good
  • Rikaffin: Good
  • Lurniage: Good
  • Dadamard: Good