Welcome to Triumvene

Triumvene is a d12-based virtual tabletop role-playing game. As a player, you'll go on epic adventures with friends and strangers as a character in a rich, vibrant world, or take on the role of the Games Master, bringing the world to life and creating engaging, inspiring challenges for the group.

Our digital tools make both running and playing tabletop role-playing games easier, especially for people who aren't able to get together in person regularly. The basic rules and some starter content are published for free, whilst the full toolset guides you through character creation, running encounters and managing non-player characters.

Welcome, Fledgling Storytellers

Triumvene is a game of telling and exploring stories as a group. The setting places you in three areas: Orth, a world home similar to the 1920s, the vast Nightfay starships and space stations which the Second Peoples call home, and the Ancient Peoples, who live entirely in a digital world, in close orbit around the sun.

The limits are only what you can imagine, and what can be achieved within the story you're all telling together. You'll bring unjust rulers to their knees, aid in the defence of cities against armies poised to ruin them, and interact with creatures with technology so far advanced it may as well be magic.

Triumvene facilitates games with collaborative, co-created stories, arising from the descriptions of the world you'll inhabit. The lore is deliberately detailed and incomplete, to allow you to find interesting points to build stories around, without constraining you too much. As such, players should feel free to describe friends they know who can help with challenges faced, to fill out the details of a treaty between two peoples which can aid them in a situation, or describe how their personal history influences the story.

The mechanics are designed to let you explore what makes situation tense and challenging. Your characters are magically empowered, and whilst they can be killed, they won't stay dead. After a period of time, they'll either heal, or be re-animated in a new body. When faced with challenges, solving the puzzle of how to achieve the objective is more important than whether or not your character survives. However, most of the rest of the world isn't so lucky. When death isn't the ultimate obstacle, everything else becomes far more important.

Open-Ended Stories

Triumvene favours longer, exploratory campaigns, with players being given significant creative freedom. This is created through three features:

  • The ability to re-roll any failed roll, at the cost of spending the same Luck points which can protect them from damage,
  • A system of magic which encourages players to be more creative with a small number of abilities, and
  • A simple dice rolling mechanic, where rolls either succeed or not.

Whilst you can certainly play single, one-off games in the setting, what it's best at is letter you explore the dynamics of power and how they affect people. As such, most groups find it works better when the game has the room to breathe, and takes place over several sessions. However, if you've a thematically strong situation in mind, we've seen amazing games be run in as little as ten minutes, so don't feel that you have to play the game equivalent of Lord of the Rings.

The Players


If you want to get started in a hurry, we have a find the Player Quick Reference, covering just want you need to know to get started. You can learn how to create a character here.

Games Masters

For people planning on being running games, you'll need to read the guide to creating encounters & building NPCs. You'll also want to read about the world of Orth.

Whichever you play as, you'll also want to know where to find the full rules. They're covered over in the base ruleset. We also have a quick guide as to how combat works, which you'll want to take a look at before that happens.

Magic, known as Manipulation in the system is a little different than you might be used to, with characters having very few abilities, and instead encouraging them to be as creative as possible with what they've got. The overview on the magic system can be found here.