A rolling land of green pastures, dotted with thousands of small villages, hundreds of towns and three major cities: Linium, Yarceiborough and the capital, Ritsford. A rich land of endless farms stitched together by hedgerows and stone walls, with great forests and a temperate climate.

Mattleland itself is split into five main districts: Llawer in the west, Dreich in the north, Aoibhneas in the east, Uhtceare in the south and the central area of Menteith.

Llawer is a rugged, mountainous area, rich in coal, tin and copper, and a centre of growing industry.

Dreich is known for its shipbuilding and whiskies, and its snowy mountain peaks where people often travel for skiing in the winter.

Aoibhneas is a place of music and theatre, although it suffers economically compared to its neighbours.

Uhtceare is known for its high society, with many of the wealthier and more powerful living there, playing host to the peoples of the world in great balls and events of all kinds.  It's also the location of Catsborough, a minor city and host to Catsborough University, the leading centre of learning in the world.

Menteith both literally and figuratively the centre of Mattleland, as the location of the capital, Ritsford, and the largest economic area in the land.

The major cities are Ritsford; Yarceiborough; Linium and Abercaeryth. Maps for these, and names of other cities, towns and large villages are shown below.

Ritsford - Capital

Yarceiborough - most populous city



Other Locations

  • Aberwich
  • Balmorcester
  • Salcotsby
  • Dinas Eccles
  • Clythfirth
  • Glosborough
  • Holyfalls
  • Giffsford
  • Staffsfolk
  • Axetur

Maintains a sub-tropical climate, pleasantly warm in summer and mild in winter. Has a small area of the largest mountain ranges in the world along the north-eastern border.