Bordering Matteland and Athirael to the north, Okrogmar is considered the home of philosophy and art. It's also home to the Massvarn Gallery, considered by many to be the world's foremost museum and library, with treasures from around the globe.

As a result of the recent civil war, the Taurac economy has stagnated somewhat. However, they’ve recently forged trade deals with the Rikaffin and Human peoples, which is causing rapid growth in their port cities, which were already vast due to their navy, and also their capital, Landseux.

Maintains a sub-tropical climate, pleasantly warm in summer and mild in winter. Has a small mountain range running east-west on its northern edge, ending at the coastline.

The major cities are Landseux and Kufzis. Maps for these, and names of other cities, towns and large villages are shown below.



Other Places

  • Everringen
  • Herenwerpen
  • Bergeles
  • Vierrac
  • Cuxraschen
  • Boizennau
  • Gallip
  • Loughlarney