Nations - Escisland

In Dadamardian, Escisland translates as "Land of Mountains". An apt name given its rugged nature. The tallest peaks are covered in snow all year round, and it has only one major city - Mauruck. Located in the lowlands in the north alongside a major river, it houses embassies of all the major races of the world, the only city to do so.

Escisland is the least densely populated of all the nations of the world; an irony as Mauruck is one of the most densely populated cities to be found anywhere. Uniquely, it's bordered on all sides by deserts.


The rest of the Dadamard who don't reside in Mauruck live in the innumerable hamlets and villages across the land. Those include places such as:

  • Freyrov
  • Kopribice
  • Smalyawna
  • Doson
  • Brawka
  • Criutemir
  • Lublenia