In Dadamardian, Escisland translates as "Land of the Mountain". An apt name given its rugged nature, and the vast mountain Escitan which dominates its landscape. Escitan is topped by a vast plateau, on which sits Escisland's one major city - Mauruck, which houses embassies of all the major races of the world. It's spread over a vast area, with small towns and villages having grown together to turn it into something now considered a city, although it's very different to any other around the world.

It's also the only city other than Begureu to be a major centre for international diplomacy and negotiation, as a result of its embassies.

Escisland is the least densely populated of all the nations of the world; an irony as Mauruck is one of the most densely populated cities to be found anywhere. Uniquely, it's bordered on all sides by deserts.


The rest of the Dadamard who don't reside in Mauruck live in the innumerable hamlets and villages across the land. Those include places such as:

  • Freyrov
  • Kopribice
  • Smalyawna
  • Doson
  • Brawka
  • Criutemir
  • Lublenia