GM Tips: Encounter Building Without the Maths

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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Please note: The Usual Disclaimer, as always, applies. As part of my running of games over the past however many years, I've noticed a trend in my own GM style - over time, I've moved from a maths-based simulationist way of running combat, to a narrative method of running combat.…

Voice Acting Warm-Ups, Tongue Twisters and Practice Lines

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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Please note: The Usual Disclaimer applies as always. For those of you who are part of a more acting-heavy game, or who do voices for their NPCs, you need to make sure you're getting your voice ready before a session. Here's a quick guide to ensure you don't strain anything…

A Problem Deeper Than Surface Wounds

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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Please note: The Usual Disclaimer applies as always, with a twist. This post is about the RPGs Equal Combat trope. There's nothing wrong with enjoying combat-heavy games. I do too. And I realise there's an irony in me, an upper-middle class white man writing this. But... I attended Dragonmeet this…

D&D 5e Backgrounds Guide - A Complete, Organised List

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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A few people have put together lists of all the D&D backgrounds available, but mostly they're a bit disjointed, so I thought I'd spend a few minutes categorising them and then put up that sorted list here. We've organised it in a few different ways - firstly by…

Where Cherry Trees Grow

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

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She is Mother. She has lived for half a millennium. She raised your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. He was the first of The Pack. She was small and he was big, but she grew and became bigger and bigger until she towered over him. She taught him to Fetch. How to Shake a…