Bestiary - Second Peoples


Carrialit are an insect-like creature with wings made of metals that are currently unidentifiable. Roughly an inch long, they are engineered to explode and cause a variety of interesting effects, based on the poison they carry. Hard to hit individually, if you see a swarm, it's fair to assume bad things will happen. They're better dealt with as a cloud if possible.

If they land on a target, they can cause an effect...



Everything within 14' takes damage unless hidden by cover. Anything within 3' suffers Hurl, anything within 6' suffers Knock-Back


Suffer 30% movement penalty for the next three minutes.


Envelopes the air for 30' in every direction in a thick fog which allows no light through it. Lasts for 3 minutes


Creates a silvery gaseous cloud which repairs damaged items, creatures or peoples inside it, over the course of half a minute. Anything which was dead returns to life as a puppet of the Carrialit, for as long as it lives.


Creates a colour-changing gas spread over 15' which makes every living creature within it laugh uncontrollably


A small thundercloud appears, projecting blasts of lightning at the tallest targets at random intervals for one minute



Causes the muscles of the body to sieze up, making moving incredibly painful.


Makes the creature attacked lose fine motor control. All motion is done as hard and fast as possible.


Causes hallucinations. What is hallucinated is left to GM discretion.


Renders the target unconscious after 10 seconds.


Heals any injury the target has received in the last 24 hours.


Latches on to the spine of the target, allowing it control over the Carrialit as a drone. Cannot be removed without significant risk of damage to the target. To attempt to remove it, find the services of a very capable doctor, and make a narrative check as to whether they're able to do so.


The creature jabs with its sting, as a melee weapon.


This unholy hummingbird-like creature is possessed of a machine-made digestive tract which contains some strange, grey digestive juices capable of dissolving anything.

It also possesses the ability to open its stomach and skin and squirt this sticky liquid onto anything it wishes, which will then convert an equal amount of any material it lands on into sand. Seems to be equally effective against absolutely anything.


The Bilanotar splits open and unloads its digestive goo at a target. Wherever the spit lands, the target turns to a grey sand over a few seconds.


With its unique digestive tract, the Bilanotar can eat pretty much anything, reducing it to slag in moments. This goes for anything from grenades to swords to guns, rocks or people. Only things capable of doing massive damage to metal (super-heated plasma, molten metals and other such substances) are capable of harming its digestive system.


A set of metal blocks connected by metal chains, this bizarre oddity writhes its way around like a snake. It can be seen about once a month spreading huge "wings" out on the ground, which seems to be its way of feeding. Exactly what it feeds on when this happens is unknown.

Frosty Reception

The Frostration drains heat from the target, cooling it down to below freezing in moments.


The "head" block is capable of splitting into four at the top, revealing needle-like protrusions. On being bitten, the target gets poisoned. In this state, they become cold and clammy to the touch. In return, they gain the ability to commune mentally with the Frostration that bit them, directing it to act in their stead.


A single large needle appears from the tail and emits a beam of light, capable of burning everything it touches. If the needle is within a foot or so, it's capable of cutting through metal or thick wood.


Very small humanoid, with a jovial disposition and a wicked sense of humour. Behaves like a naughty child, although their incredibly long lives and advanced technology lead many believe that this is unlikely to be their true nature.

Great inventors and tinkerers, it is they whom we have to thank for the gift of heavier than air transport.

Pile of Scrap

From little more than a pile of scrap, given the right tools, an ingenious Nimp can create all manner of interesting machines, from clockwork watches to weapons, defensive shields, medical gizmos and more.

Cunning Bombs

Activated by a timer, or by motion, heat, light or sound sensors


Small explosive devices. Either incendiary or fragmentation.


Identical humanoids, with human-sized bodies. They are tight-lipped on how they reproduce, so why they all share the same appearance is pure conjecture at this point. It's known that they exist in two forms - one a human-like body, and the other a sort of liquid, silvery and flowing like treacle, so it might be that this is simply how they choose to appear to others.

They seem to possess some level of telepathy, or something similar to it. It is rumoured that their bodies may simply be vessels for some other creature inside them.

Flow Around

The Mot'zalla may become a near frictionless liquid, flowing from one location to the next. While in this form they are extremely difficult to harm, as they will simply reform and carry on doing whatever they were doing before.


Appears to be roughly human, but with large white and gold wings in place of arms. Also, their skeletons has been highly changed to be far lighter, with the bones replaced with metal.

Not much for combat, they use their massive (and very strong) wings as clubs.

Pretty Fly

Capable of flying long distances and at great heights, although not capable of carrying much in weight.

Light of Truth

Capable of radiating a gold-white light, which while a person is looking at it, they find it incredibly hard to tell a lie. Attempts to deceive require a Diplomacy check at disadvantage.


A large, muscular creature with green skin covered in bark. Appears to originally have been some form of tree. Their own legends tell of an alliance between a group of Hadas and Kabakuro, which resulted in this being being created from scratch. With the level of technology these races possess, it's entirely possible that this is in fact true.

Clouds of Seedlings

On being killed, the body will rapidly decompose, releasing hundreds of thousands of white, fluffy seedlings, which float into the sky to find ground to plant in and grow. 99% of these never germinate, and 99% of those that do will become a small plant with white flowers, much like a thornless miniature rose. However, a tiny percentage will find the right spot and grow into a new Funglin.

Feels No Pain

Funglin may have a very high pain threshold, or simply be unable to feel pain at all. No-one knows, but they have often been observed with grievous wounds, fighting on when any normal creature would have long since given up and died.

Child of Logic

Highly intelligent and emotionless, the Funglin appear to be creatures of pure logic. Highly adept at complex reasoning, they are forging a path as a people of science. They don't yet appear to be conscious though in the same way as most other races.


A reptilian creature, and the precursor to the Draconian, the Vhalrak are grown from crystals. Possessing a soft skin that grows many hundreds of small, hard, crystal plates as a means defence. Bipedal, rather tall, with a long snout and vicious claws.

Crystal Claws

The Vhalrak slashes with crystalline claws, which will grow small crystals where they damage, if impacting stone or metal.


The far too successful result of a splicing of lizard and machine. Apparently someone thought it'd be a good idea to create a dragon by taking a crocodile, making it really big, covering it in metal armour and giving it huge metal wings. They were wrong. It was a bad idea.

50' from nose to tail.

Flame Breath

Projects a blast of flaming liquid, which sticks to whatever it lands on. Burns incredibly hot.

Steel Flesh

The Draconician is armoured with metal plates over the large areas of its body, metal scales where they're needed for flexibility, and metal skin where even scales are too big.

Very hard to harm with blunt weapons.

Magnesium Wings

It can fly at supersonic speeds.


Rucans or "Shakers" as they are sometimes colloquially known, are a medium sized dog-like creature. Quadrupeds with powerful rear legs, they can leap great distances for their size, and are capable of short bursts of extreme speed. They find their home in junkyards, industrial storage facilities, and other miscellaneous areas of large collections of metals. They have a stomach containing a bacteria which digests metals and plastics, which in turn releases energy which feeds the Rucan.

Possessed of extremely powerful jaws used to cut through metal.

Angry Daddy

Shakers are very skittish in daylight and are more likely to flee than fight. However, they are highly territorial when they have a litter.

Deadly Toxic

The "Shaker" nickname comes from their habit of shaking and making metallic screeching noises when threatened. If provoked further, attacks by releasing a noxious cloud of toxic gas.

Metallic Tracker

With their highly advanced noses, Rucans are capable of sorting through and identifying metals highly accurately.


A large white translucent egg, with a sphere on top of it, and four "limbs" made of a steel rod attached to an articulated blade which splits at the end into a three fingered grabbing claw. The limbs attach to the egg-like portion. Inside the egg are all the creature's vital organs except for its brain, which resides in the sphere. The casing is a super-tough unknown material.

It's unknown how the creature feeds, but its nature means it's equally at home on land as under the sea.

Slice 'n Dice

Extends the upper limbs and spins round at high speed, turning into an intelligent, mobile blender which does slashing damage.


Essentially a walking exosuit, it's a particularly poor climber, but suffers no mobility penalty for moving through water or in vacuums.


The third and apparently youngest member of the Triumvene. Appears to take the form of intelligent machines, with the ability to control other machines. Its true form has never been accurately and reliably recorded, with the records only agreeing that appeared to have wings and glow.


Crahurnian leaps from its current residence into another machine, wiping its existing data and creating itself anew.

Futile Resistance

Reaching out to any AI around, it forces the other AI to do what it wills.