No-one has heard from the three
Gods, the Triumvene, in over a
million years.

One has returned.

Welcome to Triumvene

Triumvene is a new tabletop RPG, by Pete Watson-Wailes. Powered by The Imperial System, it draws inspiration in its style from the impressionist art movement, and mechanically from modern games like 5e D&D; Numenera; Coriolis; and the Powered by the Apocalypse RPGs. It's designed to focus mostly on non-combat based challenges and strong narrative, creating engaging, powerful moments. It also does away with traditional fantasy lore, combining an entirely new pantheon and set of races, and a complete bestiary.

We successfully funded 7.4x over with Kickstarter in June, and are now shipping in October. Sign up for news of our public launch in May.

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