Roleplay Exercise - Roll for Emotion

Each player rolls a d12. For the next ten minutes, the person who rolls highest plays their character as experiencing an emotion based on the table below. As they do so, they should drop hints as to why they're feeling how they are. The group have to take turns guessing at what the reason is, with the player who gets it right becoming the next person to roll for an emotion. This continues until all the players have had a turn. Once a player has successfully guessed, they are excused from guessing again.

The emotions given by the rolls are:

  • 1-3 Panic, Rage, Fear, Anxiety, Frustration
  • 4-6 Excitement, Joy, Love, Passion, Festive
  • 7-9 Despair, Exhaustion, Sorrow, Concern
  • 10+ Sleepy, Contentment, Peace

Inspired by the improv game "Ask For"