Roleplay Exercise - Cobb & Co

The group, (normally whilst in the City of Light and Sorrow on the Golden Plane), are asked to partake in a piece of theatre for the Ceremony of Remembrance. Each player character remembers a time they lived on Midplane, and tells the story of an event from their lives. Following this, they then don masks, and are given the following task:

The group runs character creation, with everyone being a Disapperature and getting the manipulation Treewalker, allowing them to move through the world by passing through oak & ash trees, as well as Willownian creatures.

The group's characters are planning a heist. They're after an ancient book which has been found in a location in Begureu, which belongs to the Golden Plane peoples. Having settled on a location for it, the group then play through four scenes - the recruitment of the members of the group by a leader chosen from amongst them, planning the heist, its execution, and what happens in the aftermath.

Upon completion of the exercise (which can happen over several sessions), the group gains a token to allow them one free jump from Midplane to the Golden Plane.

Inspired by the improv game "Actor Switch", and the film Inception