Roleplay Exercise - A Lesson in Communication

The group all roll d12s. The player with the highest roll takes the roll of translator.

This player adds to their list of skills Bodyspeech, at a level of Adept. Bodyspeech is a full-body form of sign language, which must be acted out by the player to the group.

The players now encounter a scenario where the need for this skill comes to the fore.  Suggested scenarios are:

  • The NPC has overheard the group struggling to negotiate with a character. They offer to help, but whilst they and the other character share a language, they don’t know any language the group speaks, other than Bodyspeech.
  • The NPC has been asked to give a speech, but unbeknownst to them, the group they're talking to is deaf, and no translator has been organised. The player is asked to translate.
  • The NPC has been given a message to give to the group, but has lost their voice. The only other way they can communicate is through Bodyspeech.

Inspired by the improv game "Foreign Film Dub"