Player Quick Reference

If you want to get going as fast as possible, then here's the things you really need to know in one page. Everything else that follows in the book fleshes out and gives detail for what's here.


Before the first session, create your character and build a backstory. The important parts are:


Create a backstory and the stats for your character. Basically everything you need to be able to roleplay and run the character in the game.

A Treasured Item

Something your character is carrying and a reason why it's important to them.

A Secret Held

A secret from your character's past, you'd rather other characters and the world at large didn't know.

During the game

Listen to what the GM and other players say, and improvise responses to the situations you and your group end up in to progress the story.

Narrative Rolls

Narrative rolls exist for when a player attempts to do something based not around their character's abilities, but around influencing the world. For example, rolls for if they know anyone in a location, their capacity to do something in which they have no relevant stat, and other similar occasions.

Roll a d12. For any roll of 11+, you succeed in what you're trying to do. For a roll from 7-10, you succeed but something unintended happens. For any roll of 6 or less, you fail.

Ability Rolls

Tasks you attempt are tested by rolls on a d12, and operate similar to Narrative rolls but with modifiers, in the form of Knowledge, Fitness, Diplomacy, and Combat types. Most rolls fall into this camp.

Roll a d12 and add the relevant stat, then tell the GM the total. On a 13+ you succeed, 8-12, you succeed but something unintended happens. For any roll of 7 or less, you fail.

Failed Rolls & Luck

Any time you fail a roll, you may choose to roll again, at the cost of one Luck. However, this also makes it less likely you'll survive any combat encounter.

Advantage & Disadvantage

  • Advantage: roll two dice and pick the higher.
  • Disadvantage: the same, but take the lower.


Any time you rest properly in a 24 hour period, or you begin a new session, you recover all your Luck, and Cohesion resets to 0.


You may have skill levels in unarmed, armed and/or ranged combat, as well as defence.

The group collectively decides what they want to do. You can move and then either attack or use a manipulation, but you can't do both at the same time. The GM will state what happens and call for rolls.

All rolls in combat to hit or defend are treated as Ability Rolls. Advantage and Disadvantage modifiers may apply based on terrain or situation, at GM discretion.