Physical Manipulations - Movement

Personal Movement Speed

Allows for a temporary increase movement speed.

3d12 - Sum the largest two numbers and triple. This is the boost to your speed, in feet per second

d12 * 12 - Duration the effect lasts for in seconds


You can transport yourself and anything close by to a new location.

d12 - Radius your teleport affects in feet

2d12 * 12 - Distance you can teleport in feet. The distance moved determines the range cost multiplier.


You gain the power to defy gravity for a period of time.

d12 * 6 - How fast you can move in feet per second

2d12 - How long you can fly for in minutes

Move Through Solid Objects

The target can phase through solid matter. The material it's made of is irrelevant.

3d12 - How long you can phase for in seconds

d12 - On a 4+, you can sense vibrations whilst phased out


You can move objects with the power of your will.

2d12 * 10 - The range in feet your power extends to

d12 * 10 - The mass you can move, in kilograms

3d12 - The maximum speed in feet you can move objects

d12 - On 10+, the weight moved is transferred to you. Thus attempting to throw a 120kg object at 20 feet per second will result in you being thrown with similar force in the opposite direction.