Physical Manipulations - Knowledge & Diplomacy

Modify Memory

You can change the target's memory of a single event. You must know the specific memory in order to change it.

d12 Time it takes to change the memory in minutes

Hypnotise Others

You gain the ability to make others believe and do what you say. Causes Diplomacy rolls afterwards to suffer disadvantage.

d12 Duration the effect lasts for in minutes

d12 Duration for rolls suffering disadvantage afterwards, given in minutes

Direct Animals

You talk to and command animals of all kinds.

d12 How many animals you can control

2d12 Range in feet you can reach with your mind

d12 Duration the compulsion lasts for in minutes

Transmitted Learning

You can transfer any skill the target knows to any other creature. Sneak up on a sleeping blacksmith and then go forge a sword.

d12 How long in hours you remember the skill for

2d12 Range in feet you can read minds for skills from

Read Truth

You can learn one thing from another target, reading it directly from their mind.

d12 How long in minutes finding the information takes