Physical Manipulations - Healing

Healing Touch

You're suffused with healing energy transmitted through touch. For each HP you return to a target, reduce the pool you can restore from by one.

d12 + Fitness How many hit points you can restore.

Golden Light

As healing touch, but the pool applies per creature.

2d12 + Fitness How many hit points you can restore to each creature

d12 How many creatures you can help with your healing.


You can reanimate the dead, if they've been dead less than a period of time. They revive with 1 HP, and all wounds healed.

d12 Limit in days for bringing back a target from the dead

d12 How much HP you lose when you resurrect someone

Imbue Life

You can imbue inanimate creatures with life. From golems to gargoyles, you can bring thought and movement to clay and stone creatures.  Keeping more than one creature alive requires Concentration.

d3 How many creatures you can keep alive at any one time. Creating more will cause the first to revert to its original state.

Universal Symmetry

Gaining any two of the above, and begin with 3d12 extra Cohesion. In addition, your first casting each day is free.