Physical Manipulations - Fitness & Physical

Great Strength

You can perform feats of strength others of your kind could only dream of.

2d12 * 2 - You gain the total as a bonus to any Fitness check involving a test of strength

2d12 - Duration the bonus lasts for in minutes


You can grow or shrink in size.

d12 - On a 1-5, you gain Gigantism. On a 6-10, you gain Mousify. On an 11 or 12, you gain both. Whilst transformed, your Fitness stat scales for any strength check by how much you've grown/shrunk.

d12 - How much you can alter your size. By roll and amount, you can alter the target by:

  • 1-5 - 50% to both
  • 6-10 - 25% reduction or 100% growth
  • 11-12 - 10% reduction or 200% growth

Luck of the Draw

Blows miss you, arrows fly past, your dexterity knows no limits. For the period active, you will survive anything that can possibly be survived.

d12 - Duration the bonus lasts for in minutes


Your body turns to smoke, allowing you to float through the air, pass through small spaces, and pretend to be a ghost. You can still use your senses and talk.

d12 - Duration the bonus lasts for in minutes

d12 - Duration it takes to change between forms in seconds

d12 - On a 1, your smoke is near black, 2-4 is dark, 5-7 is mid, 8-11 is light, and 12 is near-white. If you roll a 12, you glow softly.

d6 - The number gives the colour, based on the list below:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple


You can project a perfect version of a specific creature, being or item. This version is unaffected by any physical forces, including gravity, energy, or inertia for example.

d12 - How long the projection lasts in minutes.

2d12 - * 50 The range you can cast it to, in yards.

d12 - On a 10+, you can hear sounds that reach it.