Physical Manipulations - Damage


The caster gains a telekinetically controllable blade. It has Ranged Combat skill of 12, and counts as Legendary/Medium for damage.

d12 On a 10+, successful attacks cause Deep Cut

d12 Duration the blade lasts for in days

2d12 The blade must be re-cast after this many blows


The target gets ill, suffering an sickness for a given period of time.

2d12 Duration the illness lasts for in days

d12 How much HP the target will lose during the illness


Applies Burning to every target within a radius around the caster.

d12 Radius around the target. Anything within burns

d12 Total HP damage dealt. Negates armour

d12 Duration the target loses HP for in minutes

The Violence of Age

Immediately reduces the target to 1HP and ages them.

2d12 * 3 How many years the target ages by

d12 Duration the effect lasts for in days


Damage to a selected target happens to a second target instead. The second target can be chosen by the player, or randomly picked at the GM's discretion if not stated.

6d12 Duration the effect lasts for in seconds