Physical Manipulations - Breaks the Universe

Enhance Creature

You can boost any stat you have. This includes damage, manipulation stats, talents, skills and so on. However, the stat must initially exist.

d12 Duration the boost lasts for in minutes

d12 How much you can boost stats by

Alter Spacetime

You can alter spacetime itself. Produces seriously weird effects. When altering space, lasts for a minute.

2d12 Radius in feet in which spacetime is altered

2d12 The first gives what, the second how much

  • 1-3 Shrink/grow/bend space around you. Feet
  • 4-6 Move forward/backward in time. Seconds
  • 7-9 Turn off/double gravity. Seconds
  • 10-12 All the above

Pocket Dimension

You can create a portal, 12' wide, which leads to a dimension only you and those you desire can travel to. It is populated by your thoughts when you create it.

2d12 + 12 Duration the portal lasts for in hours before it. Upon resetting, anything living inside it returns where it was when it entered.


The caster slowly changes form over time into a metallic dragon.

First gain stone skin, adding 50 armour HP. Next, grow wings, giving the ability to glide. Thirdly, gain rapid healing. Finally, gain light control within 24' around you. Shroud yourself in darkness, cast illusions, and create beams of light.

Light beams can do damage up to stats of Large, Legendary, Bf range, Piercing, Plasma Burn.

d12 * 3 Duration each stage requires to complete in minutes

Whenever your healing power is active and you lose personal HP, roll a d12. On a 5-10, the damage is halved. On an 11 or 12, it's entirely negated.

When complete, roll 2d12. On less than 22, you fall unconscious. If that happens, roll a d12 every day. On a 6 or higher, you return to health.


You can take the properties of objects you touch and apply them to other objects. As such, a leaf can be made to have the toughness of a steel sword, the cutting edge of a razor, the transparency of glass and so on. Lasts for a given duration.

d12 How long in days the object retains the property applied. After that, it will lose that individual property.