Manipulations & Magic

The worlds contain all forms of weird and wonderful creatures, some of whom can call upon the ability to reshape the world to their own ends through use of magic. However, often the people who have them are those least suited to it. In Triumvene, power comes at the cost of a significant event which shaped the mind of the person who has it, and there's little which is more problematic than someone who's lost touch with reality, and gained the ability to break it.

Your ability manipulate the universe in the game is limited to two magical skills. It's up to you to find the most creative ways you can to use them, to aid you when you have need of them.


Casting a manipulation forces your will upon the universe. However, the universe doesn't like being tampered with, and it pushes back. Your ability to resist this push-back is called Cohesion. Every time you cast, add one to your Cohesion. When it gets above 12, roll a Cohesion Failure Check for each time you use your powers.

Cohesion Failure Checks

On casting past a certain level of Cohesion, interesting (and problematic) things can happen. To check what happens, roll a Narrative check. On a 9+, the desired effect happens without a negative consequence. For anything less, view the table below for what occurs given the current Cohesion level.

Total Effect
Under 12 Everything happens normally
13-17 The casting happens, but after a momentary delay
18-21 The casting fails and the character cannot cast for the next couple of minutes
22-23 The manipulation casts, but the character is affected physically, falling ill for the rest of the day
24-25 The manipulation casts, and afterwards the character immediately falls unconscious for a few minutes.
26-27 The manipulation fails to cast. For the next 12 hours, the character will be affected by a change, which will revert after the time ends. Roll a Narrative check. On a 1-4, their skin turns to stone and they exist as a statue. On a 5/8, space around them is subject to random gravitation fluctuation, making them float from time to time. On a 9/10, the air around them immolates and they exist as a pillar of flame. On an 11/12, they are surrounded by a field of darkness which stops all sound.
28-29 The manipulation casts, and afterwards cannot be cast again for the rest of the day.
30-31 Space is rent apart around the character, costing one Luck to survive. Anything within 12 feet is damaged in some way by the tearing of space.
32-35 Spacetime breaks within 36 feet around the target area. All characters and creatures inside the area are affected. For every character and creature hit roll a Narrative check. On a 1-4, they're moved 1d12 feet in a random direction. On a 5-8 they are unaffected by gravity for the next 12 seconds. On a 9-12, both effects occur.
36+ The character is killed, as they are sucked into tiny black hole, from which violent blasts of lightning radiate. Everything within 60 feet is sucked towards the target. Anything inside 30 feet impacts it and is killed. All surviving creatures and characters must make a Narrative check. If it's failed, they are either hit by a lightning blast or lose one Luck.