Peoples and Nations

The worlds of The Imperial System are filled with peoples and nations of all types. The major groups the players can create characters around are listed here, although of course, should they want to run the campaign playing as, for example, a Groll, then that's of course fine as well as long as the GM is happy with it.

How well other people react to a giant pile of talking rocks is another question entirely...

The World Map

The above shows all the major areas of the world. Green areas are grasslands and forests, yellow are deserts, grey are mountains and white denotes snowcaps. The homelands of the various peoples are shown, with the uninhabitable, cursed area of Nos Sans-Jadskat denoted in the bottom left of the first major continent.

Preface from Professor Jughragh's "Notes on the Peoples of the World, Third Edition"

It's worth noting, before we get into the full societal and cultural analyses of the various peoples of the world, that whilst this work attempts to give an accurate portrayal of each culture, such an undertaking is inherently flawed. There are as many variations of expression of a culture within a peoples as there are people in it. Thus whilst the Henagon are often considered aristocratic, there are of course exceptions to that, and these are not uncommon.

We look here more at the global presentation of each people, as they are appear through their interactions with others. Thus one should not expect all the members of any particular peoples here given to conform to the descriptions given.

Note must also be made of the cultural biases of this author; whilst care and attention has been paid to trying to give a clear and accurate portrayal, these writings come through the lens of my own upbringing. As such, they may be inaccurate from the perspective of the culture in question.

Yughzet Dreyrah, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Catsborough University

The Peoples of the World