Law and order. This is the guiding principle of the Nardlor. Whether that's to the spirit or the letter is sometimes less clear, but it's certainly rare to find criminals in their society. Outwardly they resemble bears, with either brown or white fur, and brown or silver eyes. They generally stand a little taller than the height of an average Human, although far more heavily built and somewhat stronger.

Known as the greatest seafaring nation in the world, the Nardlor have recently been creating boats with hulls made of metal. This is believed to include a prototype vessel for their navy, which if rumour is to be believed, will dwarf any other in scale and firepower.


The Nardlor are unarguably the most militaristic of the peoples of the world. With by far the largest standing army and de-facto largest navy, due to the incredible size of their ship-building operations, the Nardlor are at this time the world's foremost military superpower. The latter of these is likely in part due to their nation, Ko'Yuncia, being composed of a network of islands.

What's particularly interesting of note with these peoples though is how this plays out in day-to-day life. Unlike most militaristic societies of the past, there's no glorification of military personnel or of war in a more general sense. Everyone serves in the armed forces at some point, and this level playing field may be at least in part the reason why soldiers are seen in their society the same as postmen, to quote another. It's simply not remarkable to them that someone should have served, since everyone has.

That being said, this upbringing and style of governance plays out in their social lives in a clear way. Incredibly precise and ordered, they are notable for producing some of the best engineered goods in the world. Whilst not as inventive as other peoples, their patience and commitment to perfection and order has created a peoples with factories built to create goods of incredible precision.

The larger concern some have expressed of late is what should happen were this nation ever to seriously go to war with another of the eight major nations. With the size of their armed forces, it's not inconceivable that, were a dictator to get into power, the results could be disastrous. As a result, several nations have made it official policy to ensure that the Nardlor stay financially solvent, and their people remain content to prevent the rise of a dictatorship.

Stat Modifiers

  • +1 Armed, Unarmed and Ranged Combat
  • -2 Diplomacy

Diplomatic Status

  • Humanity: Good
  • Dadamard: Hostile
  • Henagon: Neutral
  • Marati: Neutral
  • Taurac: Neutral
  • Lurniage: Good
  • Rikaffin: Neutral