Right action, correct thought, precision, charity, caring and patience. These are the Six Pillars which support the national psyche of the Marati. Somewhat shorter than a Human or Nardlor, with a stout constitution, they have become master inventors and tinkerers. The Marati owe their levels of advancement to in no small part to the wedding of the Human's access to natural resources with their own inventiveness.

One of the founding members of the Morund Collective, the Marati have become arguably the second wealthiest peoples, only behind the Rikaffin, thanks to their inventive nature and strong ties into the Morund. They are the largest single inventive group, and their patented technologies now power much of the world.


Roughly speaking, the Marati can be described as a technocracy. Anyone may wield power in their society, as long as they can prove that they have the knowledge to be fit to do so. As such, to hold any form of office requires the taking of exams, having people already declared as experts in that particular field vouch for you and so on.

This, combined with the vast natural resources in Estarunia, has produced a society which is capable of advancing faster than any other. It's a matter of some concern in fact to some nations exactly how fast their people are out-stripping everyone else in the fields of medicine, engineering, metallurgy, and the newly emerging field of electrical computation. After the creation of the Difference Engine around 20 years ago, their peoples have begun a rapid advancement, the likes of which no-one has ever seen before.

The Difference Engine itself is widely credited with this, as it has enabled the computation of things in minutes or hours, which previously would have taken a person days or weeks. Some have even posited that one day, some descendent of this creation of their genius may even be able to think for itself.

Such a notion is fanciful at best, but one wonders what the future could hold, given what has been achieved in the last 100 years by these remarkable people.

Stat Modifiers

  • +2 Knowledge
  • -1 Fitness

Diplomatic Status

  • Humanity: Good
  • Dadamard: Neutral
  • Henagon: Neutral
  • Nardlor: Neutral
  • Taurac: Neutral
  • Lurniage: Good
  • Rikaffin: Neutral