Peoples & Nations - Lurniage

The newest of the peoples to be recognised by the other nations of the world. After a successful civil war against the Henagon, they have claimed independent status. They were gifted Carinerino where they now reside by the Marati, who owned and maintained the land previously.

Hard workers with incredible levels of fitness, they are playing catch-up in terms of technology and knowledge, but show great promise. Physically gigantic, standing as tall as a Taurac but with far more powerfully muscled forms.


The Lurniage are currently the least politically stable of any of the major peoples of the world. Thanks in no small part to having been a slave peoples in all but name for the last 5,000 years, they're currently experimenting rapidly with various forms of government, in an attempt to find something that works for them.

The world is watching this evolution with great interest, and it'll no doubt be fascinating to see the eventual outcome of this over the next century or so.

For the moment, they're in the main a near anarchist state, with personal freedom and responsibility prized over all else.

Boosts and Debuffs

  • +1 Fitness
  • - 1 Knowledge
  • -1 Diplomacy
  • +1 Armed Combat

Diplomatic Status

  • Humanity: Good
  • Dadamard: Neutral
  • Henagon: Hostile
  • Marati: Good
  • Taurac: Good
  • Nardlor: Good
  • Rikaffin: Good