Nations - Ko'Yuncia

The home of the Nardlor lies at the northern pole on its own set of islands, two large, one middle sized and one small. In total, they're a similar size to Athirael, and they're distinguished by being almost entirely mountainous with snow most of the year round. Whilst not as massive as the huge peaks of Athirael or Escisland, they nevertheless have forced the Nardlor into dwelling in mostly mountain villages.

Sits in the Serferun ocean. The capital, Yeme'Anbul, sits on the west coast of the larger island, which is notably warmer and more humid than the rest of the islands all year around.

The major cities are Yeme'Anbul, Fujibuchi and Shimahoma. Maps for these, and names of other cities, towns and large villages are shown below.




Other Locations

  • Yahahoma
  • Changfai
  • Yueshuai
  • Yomekita
  • Chymei
  • Neachigui
  • Phaidion
  • Nihkai