The largest nation, Estarunia consists of great grasslands and marshlands, farms and pastures, and a single great desert. Although larger than its neighbour, Aeldshire, it's less intensively farmed, and so has a slightly lower production of goods.

Has two major cities, the capital Fuscansburg, and the smaller city of Monigraad. The minor city of Hanpudas, sits on the edge of the great Bay of Hornsbauta, a 3-million acre set of sand banks, inlets and mini-islands, whilst the trading port of Antli sits on endless plains of marshland.

Possessed of a temperate climate all year around, and famous for its great and varied wildlife. Also as a result of its location and rolling hills, as well as the common directions of the winds, it's has greater rainfall than any other nation.

The central area of Estarunia is a mix of grasslands, mountains and the end of a long chain of mountains, although this is mostly uninhabited.



Other Locations

  • Antli
  • Osvinger
  • Hanpudas
  • Kuhsuu
  • Breioballe
  • Keflaverfi
  • Mapute
  • Rujieceni
  • Marijskes
  • Kurgai