Carinerino shares the heat of its neighbour, Escisland. A warm land, it's a mix of deserts, jungles and grasslands, with a long mountain range through its heart. The mix of heat and predictable rains has made it the great wine producer of the world. Home to the active volcanoes Resu and Easu and the dead city of Earom, which lies entombed in stone.

Its capital is the canal-city of Panogne, which is considered one of the great wonders of the world. It is also the city most sought for those seeking adventure, with its history and rumours of long-dormant technological marvels. Most of the buildings were previously built by another race, known as the Remin, but they left to join the Second Peoples several centuries ago. Carinerino was until recently held and maintained unused by the Marati, who preserved it for reasons unknown.

The major cities are Panogne and Serafou. Maps for these, and names of other cities, towns and large villages are shown below.



Other Locations

  • Xasa
  • Chiorafou
  • Acilia
  • Versidena
  • Montenza
  • Paredia
  • Fugualde