The great nation of Athirael is covered in lush jungles and forests, which are bounded to the south and west by tall mountain ranges. It is amongst the many trees and clifftops of Athirael that the Henagon evolved.

It's therefore perhaps unsurprising that, thanks to this unique geography, they evolved to be gliders rather than bipeds or quadrupeds like most of the other races. It's also home to the unique Skytree - a species of tree which grows to incredible dimensions. Most are well over 300 ft tall and 150 ft around/50 ft wide. The tallest, Sarethymeriad, stands fully 483 ft tall, 100,000 years old, and is estimated to weigh 4,000 tonnes. Many have enormous town-structures built between them, housing hundreds of Henagon each, with tall windows suitable for flying from.

Aside from its people, Athirael is perhaps most known to travellers for its long beaches on the east coast and towering mountains in the west. However, to the Henagon and Lurniage, it's more renowned for the crashed vast crashed station Igathon, and the bay of Porto Everstorm, home of an near constant thunderstorm which seems to exist due to the ancient ruins at Anyekadi. Its capital is Ythamerial, the City of Skytrees, at the centre of which stands Sarethymeriad.

Ythamerial was made up of five Skytrees, which over time have been swalled into the massive wooden city around them.

Other major cities and towns include Anyekadi; Ofel Taesi; Ase Thalore; Urthernun and Thnarion.