Nations - Aeldshire

The land of a thousand dreams, Aeldshire is half desert, half lush plains. Its capital is Nostua, located on the eastern shore. It has highly developed irrigation systems to deal with the annual flooding rains that batter the city, flooding the river Motus which runs through its centre.

Has rich pasture land along its eastern shores and in a belt along the north of the country. Known for producing the best herbs and spices in the world.

The major cities are Nostua; Maromago; Castrashire and Salvacester. Maps for these, and names of other cities, towns and large villages are shown below.





Other Locations

  • Hippodiarrhytus
  • Aquae Mattiacae
  • Aginnum
  • Ulcisiacester
  • Baiae
  • Verulamium
  • Latopolis
  • Ravenna