The land of a thousand dreams, Aeldshire is a mix of desert, lush plains and vast farmlands. Its capital is Nostua, and is known for the highly developed irrigation systems to deal with the annual rains that batter the city. Every year, these flood the mighty river Motus which runs through the heart of the city. It's also currently home to the largest financial district in the world. Thanks to the efforts of the Rikaffin leadership, Nostua's vast wealth subsidises the rest of the nation, which is mostly poor and agrarian in nature.

Covered in rich pasture land and marshes along its shores, which together produce more crops than any other nation. The country is also known for producing the best herbs and spices in the world.

The major cities are Nostua; Maromago; Castrashire and Salvacester. Maps for these, and names of other cities, towns and large villages are shown below.





Other Locations

  • Hippodiarrhytus
  • Aquae Mattiacae
  • Aginnum
  • Ulcisiacester
  • Baiae
  • Verulamium
  • Latopolis
  • Ravenna