Campaign - We Are Such Things

Act One

Scene One


Our story opens a cold spring night in Begureu. There's a full moon, and a clear sky. Frost is forming on the ground. Each of the characters are asleep, when they all share the same dream. In this dream, they see an old human male asked if he'd care to come to dinner with his brother, and husband and family. The man turns down his brother, pointing to a pile of papers he must get through. As a politician, his work is never done. The man works into the evening, and sees his niece come to the door. She asks him the same and is also turned down. Late that night, the man steps into the street and is knocked down by a carriage. At this point, each of the characters wake.

The characters are initially part of two separate groups. Organise them into the two parties however you wish. The first group are tasked by a local in need of help to find his missing daughter. She has run away from home after a family disagreement, and he wants her found and returned safe and sound.

The second group are passengers on a sailing ship, which comes into port to trade goods. They disembark and that evening notice a glow in the sky from the docks. If they investigate, they find the ship's cargo ablaze, and can stand and watch as it sinks. They run into the ship's captain, either at that time or the next morning, who drunkenly warns them of the perils of being in debt to the wrong sorts. He tasks them with finding a girl who's gone missing, who has a bounty out on her safe return. If they can find the girl and bring her back, he can connect them with the person offering the reward. He asks for a finders fee of 20%, which would cover his debts.


Seren Lethity

The girl in question which both groups are tracking. Feel free to drop hints and clues as to Seren's location however you feel appropriate, given the group and what they do.

As for Seren herself, she ran away after finding out that her parents are not simply engineers in Begureu, but more specifically weapons inventors. After running for a couple of weeks or so, she has fallen in with a group of medics and healers who travel around helping and bringing aid where they can. They've recently been hired to travel with a group heading to the Great Cliffs at Nos Sans-Jadskat.

Scene Two

...writing in progress...