Lessons Learned: Running Campaigns Involving "The Chosen One"

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Main picture: Alice in wonderland by Gordon Tarpley Please note: The Usual Disclaimer applies as always. In a post I put up recently on popular films as inspiration for campaigns, there were a few comments in the comments around the community from people which were basically this: I wouldn't want…

Those times when they natural 20 Investigation, and you have to think up *something* as a reward, fast...

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Sounds about right...…

From the Community: Clarifications to & Lesser Known D&D Rules

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LemonLord7 and Ripper62 from Reddit compiled these a large set of clarifications to and lesser-known rules. I thought I'd organise the list, find the sources and tidy up the answers a little. Hopefully you'll find it a useful resource for next time there's an debate. Spells Many spells can only…

22 Film-Based RPG Campaign Ideas

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Someone recently posted up an interesting question, which got more than a few responses: What movies would like to see as an adventure? I thought the responses deserved a follow-up, so I pulled them all, worked out which were the most popular suggestions, and then created a short description for…

For Players: 18-ish D&D Character Backstory Questions

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Main picture: Bronze Carved Dice by Ty Konzak Please note: The Usual Disclaimer applies as always. When creating a new character for a campaign (or for a book or anything else really), it's useful to have a fleshed-out backstory. That way, whenever you have to improv how your character responds,…