The Races of Triumvene: Taurac

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

Most accurately be described as hyper-intelligent bipedal bovines. Weighing almost a quarter-tonne, and possessed of strength far beyond a human, they are weighed down by a lack of nimbleness

Individuals tend towards quietness and contemplation, with their society built around an appreciation of philosophy and art. However, when roused to battle, their fierceness is matched only by the Lurniage. Very long lived. Adults have been known to reach 140

Currently working with the Morund Collective to produce the Skyfairer, a vast airship which will dwarf any other construct in the world.

Early Taurac draft sketches

The oldest seafaring race, the Taurac are masters of the oceans, and produce the largest ships.

They recently emerged from a political civil war which lasted for almost 100 years, finally resulting in the monarchy being deposed. They now operate as a republic.

Homeland: Okrogmar

Bordering Matteland and Athirael to the north, Okrogmar is considered the home of philosophy and art. It's also home to the Massvarn Gallery, considered by many to be the world's foremost musuem and library, with treasures from around the globe.

Okrogmar maintains a sub-tropical climate, pleasantly warm in summer and mild in winter. Has a small mountain range running east-west on its southern edge, near the coast.

Diplomatic Status

  • Humanity: Good
  • Henagon: Neutral
  • Rikaffin: Good
  • Dadamard: Neutral
  • Marati: Neutral
  • Nardlor: Neutral
  • Lurniage: Good

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