The Races of Triumvene: Marati

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

Right action, correct thought, precision, charity, caring and patience. These are the Six Pillars which support the national psyche of the Marati. Somewhat shorter than a standard human, with a stout constitution, they have become master inventors and tinkerers.

Early Marati draft sketches

The Marati owe their level of advancement to in no small part to the wedding of the Human's access to natural resources with their own inventiveness.

Homeland: Estarunia

The second largest nation, Estarunia, lies to the south-west of Aeldshire, and extends so far south that the southern lands are covered in snow all year around. Around the northern parts, it consists of great grasslands and pastures, farms and towns. Has two major cities, Monigraad and Fuscansburg (the capital). Possessed of a temperate climate all year around, and well known for its great and varied wildlife.

Diplomatic Status

  • Humanity: Good
  • Henagon: Neutral
  • Taurac: Neutral
  • Rikaffin: Neutral
  • Dadamard: Neutral
  • Nardlor: Neutral
  • Lurniage: Good

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