The Races of Triumvene: Human

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

Explorers, business people, inventors and artists. Humans are the jacks of all trades, masters of none. They receive no bonus to their stats, but no penalties either.

Early Human draft sketches

They're well known for their support of the Lurniage in aiding them in gaining their independence from the Henagon. 978 years ago, a human-led coalition of Human, Dadamard and Marati explorers ventured on an expedition, which discovered the Henagon and established diplomatic relations with them.

They were also one of the founding peoples of the Morund Collective, 83 years ago. Historically have been mostly quiet and quietly ignored, until the founding of the Morund and the current industrial revolution.

They're also notable as the creators of Catsborough University, a leading place of learning, some 808 years ago, which houses a collection of rare artefacts, including the Kabakuro axe "Gavelloran", also known as the Axe of Prissen in the common tongue.

Homeland: Matteland

A rolling land of green pastures, dotted with thousands of small villages, hundreds of towns and three major cities: Linium, Yarceiborough and the capital, Ritsford. Endess farms stitched together by hedgerows and stone walls, with great forests and a temperate climate.

Borders Okrogmar to the south, Begureu and Athirael to the east, and Escisland to the west, and forms part of the first major continent.

Maintains a sub-tropical climate, pleasantly warm in summer and mild in winter. Has a small mountain range running east-west on its southern edge, near the coast.

Diplomatic Status

  • Henagon: Neutral
  • Taurac: Good
  • Rikaffin: Good
  • Dadamard: Good
  • Marati: Good
  • Nardlor: Good
  • Lurniage: Good

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