The Races of Triumvene: Henagon

Post by Peter Watson-Wailes

The Henagon most resemble giant bats, although even in that the resemblance is fleeting at best. They have small hands half way along their wings and scaly forked tails. They are poor flyers, they instead prefer to glide with their wings.

Their society is one of the oldest known. Culturally, they value covert action and individual honour more than any other peoples. The duel in the morning, and silent dagger in the night. Aristocratic to a T.

Early Henagon draft sketches

Shorter-lived than most species, with an adult considered old at 50. This, combined with their physical structure is perhaps why they're the least technologically developed of the major nations.

Historical Notes

The first of the races to be regularly interacted with by creatures of the Golden Plane.

Conquered the Lurniage around 51 millennia ago. The Lurniage were then in servitude from that time until 15 years ago.

Homeland: Athirael

The great nation of Athirael lies to the south-east of Matteland, south of the city-state of Bergeu, and across the Yaran sea to the west of Ko'Yuncia, or north-west of Aeldshire and Estarunia.

Most of the land is covered in lush jungles and forests, which lay across tall mountain ranges. It is amongst the many trees and clifftops of Athirael that the Henagon evolved. It's therefore perhaps unsurprising that, thanks to this unique geography, they evolved to be gliders rather than bipeds or quadrupeds like most of the other races. It's also home to the unique Skytree - a species of tree which grows to incredible dimensions. Most are well over 300 ft tall and 150 ft around/50 ft wide. The tallest, Sarethymeriad, stands fully 483 ft tall, 100,000 years old, and is estimated to weigh 4,000 tonnes.

Aside from its people, Athirael is perhaps most known for its long beaches on the east coast, towering mountains in the west, and the bay of Porto Everstorm, home of an everlasting thunderstorm thanks to its unique geography. Its capital is Ythamerial, the City of Skytrees, at the centre of which stands Sarethymeriad.

To the east lies the Yaran sea, whilst the west has the great ocean Serferun. As far as anyone knows, nothing exists there and were one to sail far enough, you'd come back around to the other side of the world.

Diplomatic Status

  • Humanity: Neutral
  • Taurac: Neutral
  • Rikaffin: Good
  • Dadamard: Neutral
  • Marati: Neutral
  • Nardlor: Neutral
  • Lurniage: Hostile

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