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Someone recently posted up an interesting question, which got more than a few responses:

What movies would like to see as an adventure?

I thought the responses deserved a follow-up, so I pulled them all, worked out which were the most popular suggestions, and then created a short description for the campaign that would follow.

So, based on the top 22 most suggested films, here's 22 campaign ideas for your next adventure.

13 Assassins

The ruler of a minor city is a tyrant, protected against retribution by powerful family connections. However, an advisor to the family cautions that that this leader must be removed, as if he becomes more powerful, the situation will become untenable. The family decide to have the ruler assassinated, recruiting a group of warriors to kill him.

The group will be routed by a minor army hired to protect the ruler, and forced to flee.

On returning, they face down the army, kill the lord, and vanish into the night.


The party are in a confined maze, with items available as makeshift weapons and traps. So is a homicidal, nigh-unkillable creature.


A powerful creature turns up and steals a McGuffin. The party are recruited to get it back. A weakness in one of them causes the party to split, and each has to go their own way briefly, facing an individual trial. They regroup to face the creature and its army of minions.

Bonus rule of cool points for the tank grabbing the creature and flinging it around like a ragdoll.

Big Trouble in Little China

A group go to retrieve a McGuffin, but evil henchmen get there first. They discover it's been taken to grant physical form to an evil sorcerer who's been cursed. They have to retrieve it from the stronghold of the sorcerer before he can use it to regain form and resume his wicked ways. When they get there, it's too late, so now they have to face off with and defeat the sorcerer.

Blade Runner

Five slave-creatures have turned up, aiming to hide amongst the local population. The group have to track them down and execute them. The final fight happens in an abandoned building, leading to the roof. It's raining.

Bonus rule of cool points to the DM for having the party lose the final fight without dying, and having a beautiful speech at the end.

Die Hard

The group are at a party in a building when it's taken over by a thief. Everyone else is taken hostage. The group have to kill the thief and his henchmen.

Bonus rule of cool points if one of the players "gets the girl/boy/tentacled creature".

Extra bonus rule of cool points for throwing the thief off the roof of a building.

The Goonies

A location the group care about is being threatened by developers. They discover there's hidden treasure, thanks to an old map, but the treasure is guarded by evil creatures. Cue shenanigans and traps on the way to finding the treasure and saving the day.

Guardians of the Galaxy

One half of the group are attempting to find a McGuffin. The rest are trying to track down the first to take them prisoner. After they're all caught, they discover the McGuffin is incredibly powerful and being sought by a BBEG. As such, they're forced to team up to take down the BBEG and find people to protect the McGuffin and keep it safe.

Harry Potter

See Big Trouble in Little China, but set it in a nostalgic version of Britain and everyone's a teenager.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

The place where the party are from is destroyed by uncaring creatures. They meet up with a researcher, a politician, an old friend and Eeyore, and proceed to attempt to contact a machine who discovered the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.

Bonus rule of cool points for everyone going out to dinner, after completing six impossible things in a morning.

Indiana Jones

The party are archaeologist thrill-seekers, who are informed by secret agents that the Nazi's are after a McGuffin! The party have to find it before the Nazi's do, and proceed to travel around searching for clues as to where the McGuffin is. Both sides eventually meet up at the same place at the same time, converging on the McGuffin.

It releases the Nazgul who kill the Nazis.

Jurassic Park

Huge, deadly creatures turn up while the party are on holiday. They have to escape or get eaten.

Mad Max

Local hooligans harass the population of the town where the party live. They decide to solve the problem. Permanently.

Bonus rule of cool points for making things explode needlessly.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The party are tasked with finding a McGuffin. They have to overcome very strange obstacles along the way, including a duel with a powerful undying warrior, recruiting people to their side, solving riddles, and gardening.

Bonus rule of cool points for defeating a rabbit.

Pirates of the Caribbean

An undying horde have commandeered a ship. The party team up with the ship's former captain to kill the horde and their leader. They encounter trials and tribulations along the way.

Saving Private Ryan

The party and ordered to head behind enemy lines to find a soldier, whose siblings have been killed in the ongoing war the state is involved in. Things go badly. The party save the soldier.

Seven Samurai

A village local to the party is going to be raided, and the villagers hire the party to protect them. They train the locals and fight three battles with the raiders.

Star Wars

There's a galaxy far far away. The chosen one is the Big Bad's enforcer's child. Shenanigans.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The party are rivals who discover the location of a McGuffin/treasure, and have to work together to get to it. However, they aren't good at sharing.

The Fifth Element

A Big Bad is coming to end the world. The group have to travel to find the McGuffin which can defeat the Big Bad, return home and win the day.

Bonus rule of cool points for opera.

The Matrix

One of the party is the chosen one, and is trained by the others to take on the evil empire. One of the trainers is captured along the way, and they have to break that person out. Eventually there's a showdown.

Bonus rule of cool points for a resurrection spell.

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