About Triumvene & The Imperial System

Triumvene is a mostly non-combat tabletop role-playing game about ordinary people in an industrial revolution era world. Some achieve power, others some have power thrust upon them; here you'll be both at different times.

You'll confront the challenges of social upheaval, international politics and war, and that's before the long-forgotten Gods return to wreck havoc on the world.

There Are Many Threats Beyond Mere Violence

You're from a world where the normal rules no longer apply. Some have great powers to impose their will on the fabric of the universe. Others are great inventors, creating ships of metal, sky-vessels, electric lighting, photography... Still more are spies, diplomats, traders, warriors, scholars, artists, musicians and so on.

The eight playable peoples in Triumvene

In this world there are legends of creatures from a time long since past. As of two weeks ago, there are isolated reports of some of them returning all over the world. Beings long forgotten begin to return, coming as dreams to some, giving commands to others.

You are given a task by people in power. You assemble a group of friends, trusted colleagues and family to aid you. The repercussions of this pebble thrown idly into the water will have consequences across planes of existence you can't even yet imagine.

Play your part in steering the world.