A Short History of the World

~2 Million Years Ago

The Golden Plane is created by Manovelar.  Over time, various races are moved there, including the Squank, Uffrith, Disapperatures, Azodin, Funglin, Nimps, Myrthin, Octophele and Titans.

Each of the peoples are placed on a different continent of a single world, and they begin to explore and re-encounter each other. Mostly this is a peaceful affair.

~1.21 Million Years Ago

The entire world has been explored. The City of Light and Sorrow, capital of the Squank passes 100,000 beings, from all the races of that world.

~980,000 Years Ago

Crahurnian looked at the Hadas, Kabakuro, Myrthin, and the other advancing nations with concern. They had created a protectorate to allow the fragile growth of the other, less advanced races to continue uninterrupted, which it admired. It created Phyverse; a place of physics, mathematics and logic, and brought the advanced races there to grow in peace.

~250,000 Years Ago

The Golden Council is formed. All races are at peace, and global governance is established. In response, Manovelar opens a gateway between the Golden Plane and Midplane. Various races begin to re-visit Midplane. Some appear as religious visages, others in physical form. They mostly view Midplaners with pity, over their mortality.

5,729 Years Ago

The Squank and Uffrith nominate the Henagon to be their representatives in Midplane. Over time, the Henagon believe themselves blessed, and begin to enlist the help of the nearby Lurniage to accelerate the construction of their growing cities and farm the land for them.

5,172 Years Ago

Each of the races of the Golden Council now sponsors a race in Midplane. They view these races as children and try to help them grow, with differing degrees of success. However, with the Henagon declaration of war with, and then enslavement of the Lurniage, this interference is reduced. Slowly, the Council lessens its interaction with Midplane, and most of what happened in this era passes into myth and legend.

978 Years Ago

The Humans, more than any other nation in the world were explorers. It's perhaps therefore unsurprising that it was they who finally conquered the previously unscaled mountains to the south-east of their home nation; Matteland. However, what they found beyond it was beyond their wildest dreams. Previously, nothing but untamed jungles and winding, in-navigable streams and rivers had been seen on the eastern coast, beyond their lands. However, having come now from the west, they discovered two new peoples, living in a land unlike anything they'd seen before. The gliding, alien Henagon, and massive, brawny Lurniage were unlike anything anyone had seen before. Sealed off from the other nations of the world, these two races had never interacted with any other.

This meeting did not go entirely well, and the ramifications of this are still playing out today.

351 Years Ago

The Remin had long since given up the ways of manipulating the world. They aspired to be as the giants of old, understanding the world through experimentation and growth. Racing ahead of the other nations of the world, they now saw the others as children to be protected. They sealed themselves off, pulling back into Carinerino.

Over time, as they grew ever more advanced, a sense of melancholy overtook them. They increasingly became aware of their loneliness and isolation.

Crahurnian came to them and offered them a life amongst peoples like them, amongst whom they could grow without the cares they had. A new start, with the races they'd idolised.

One year later, to the exact day, every Remin left the place the Triumvene had come to call Midplane, and began the task of making themselves a new home.

213 Years Ago

The three gathered round the table were pioneers in their fields. Josiah Fitzwilliam, the great Human farmer, who'd revolutionised the production of crops. Vegum Durzub, a leading Taurac banker and financier, who was leading a revolution in banking. Natalija Hrvoje, the Dadamard inventor, creator of machines that were changing the face of the world. These three had decided to come together, to see what their combined talents could do. Together, they founded the Morund Collective, a group dedicated to the advancement of technology, and the betterment of all people. Their stated goal: to feed all, clothe all, aid all, and to one day, move from the very world itself to reach into the stars.

102 Years Ago

Once a foundling and beggarly child, the now grown Sonagh Terazugh made a fierce sight. Her horns were the equal of any man, and her long, thick arms spoke of a life of hard work. Lady she might now have become, thanks to the generosity of her benefactor, the now late Lord Kirjeg, but her life had not been one of a genteel lady. The iron she'd spent 100 years working had been forged into her character. They'd been ruled wisely for more than 3,000 years by the Kings and Queens of her people. But for their people to grow in this new age would require more. Personal freedom. Liberty. Franchise for all, male and female alike. She withdrew her hands from huge gauntlets, and threw them at the foot of the throne.

"Our people, with or without your decree, shall be free," she stated to him. She bowed and withdrew from the court. Notice had been served. The Taurac civil war had begun.

74 Years Ago

The great engine roared and smoked. Gathered in the town of Trevithick, in the west of Matteland, a group of Humans, Marati, and the local members of the Court of Heavy Machines were gathered around. The object of their fascination had been named the "super-heated gaseous locomotion and haulage engine". However, the engineers of the Court who'd built it had come to simply call it the steam locomotive.

It puffed and thrummed and inside water and steam roiled with pent-up energy. Then, with the great thunk of a lever in the pilot-house being thrown, the vast lump of metal came to life. Slowly, it made its way along the forged steel tracks. Though none there truly understood the importance of what had been created (not even its inventors), with this simple demonstration, the age of steam roared to life.

15 Years Ago

Since a time before memory, the Lurniage had served. It was what they did. It was all they knew. And then, almost a thousand years ago, they had for the first time, glimpsed something else. Peoples of different races. Peoples who worked together. Peoples to whom none were slave or master. And in that moment, a thought had struck and started to grow. Then, 37 years ago, a single act of defiance by a single Lurniage had begun a fight against their masters. The internal strife had seen the decimation of the Henagon, and the loss of life on both sides was such to make a Taurac poet weep.

Now, around the broken remains of the Skytree Utherien'Linshariall, an accord was being reached. The Morund collective were giving up the historic lands of the Remin to the Lurniage. In Carinerino, aided by the Humans, they'd make a new home.

9 Years Ago

Sadux wrote in his journal. He'd had a long, if little distinguished career in the Dadamard diplomatic service. And a shorter and far less well-known career in the intelligence services of his people too. It was the latter that had been discovered. Of course, all knowledge of his activities were being disavowed. That was as it should be. Still, it was galling to have been discovered by the Nardlor. Such actions were more than frowned upon by the great bear-people of the northern lands of Ko'Yuncia.

His execution was scheduled for the next day.

At least he'd been successful in his mission. Their massive ship-building operations sucked most of the economic output of the mighty sea-faring nation. But should their sea trade fail...

He'd placed a time-bomb at the heart of their trade. Thus the stability of the peoples of Urt would be maintained, if only for another few years.

6 Months Ago

It looked like the skeleton of a great whale, made from the lightest metal the Morund Collective knew of. A skin of woven silks enclosed six huge balloons, each designed to hold a vast torch underneath, blowing hot air.

Skyfairer. The first vehicle to take creatures beyond the Henagon into the skies. It was vast. Beautiful. And as the six torches lit, and the great airbags filled, it rose...